With CLUBS, you will manage memberships, services, fees, facilities, academies, and other advanced operational and services features.


CLUBS is the perfect solution for:

  • Country Clubs

  • Golf Clubs

  • Tennis Clubs

  • Marinas and Yacht Clubs

  • Membership Clubs with Advanced Operatons and Services


With CLUBS, egon Solutions supports the operation and service of 

more than 21 thousand club memberships.


  • Smart membership, service, and fee management

  • Portal and App for reservation of greens and courts, payments, and more

  • Collection management, scheduling, and automation

  • Training, classes, and external academies

  • Facility management including capacity, reservation, and maintenance

  • Cashier and POS management for ProShop or Restaurant

  • Automatic accounting records

Technology Features:

  • Web portal for messages, payments, and services

  • Mobile App for communication and self-service

  • Online payments processing

  • Access anywhere from desktops and mobile devices

  • Highest security standards 

  • Use the included accounting solution or integrate with an external solution

  • Data extraction for analysis and integration with other solutions

  • Messaging capabilities using e-Mail, WhatsApp, and SMS 

Other Capabilities:

  • Access control with touchless bio-scan or mobile device authentication

  • Back-office solution for inventories, suppliers, payments, and more

  • Restaurant management for inventory, point of sale, and more

  • Maintenance management for facilities and equipment