Support Policy

Support and Service Level Policy for Cloud Solution  

This support policy is effective as of September 1, 2013, and describes the support services for incidents and maintenance offered by Egon Solutions for all its general purpose products.


Egon Solutions product support aligns to the following process:


  • Support requests need to be registered electronically on the Support Request page ( with the user(s) assigned to the client.


  • The registration of the request must be written in with as much detail as possible, (Image, the sequence of events, the process that was being done in case an incident was presented, examples of reports or screens in case of new requirements) all for a better understanding of the request. 


  • The support request must be classified as Incident or New Requests per the following definitions.


Incidence - is an event that affects the normal functioning of the system even without knowing the cause. 


New Requests – this is something new the customer needs to properly perform an operation. It can be in for form of information request related to existing functionality, or changes to the software in the form of new capabilities or modification to existing. 


  • For Incidences, a service level is assigned per the following priority criteria::


Critical - When one or several critical business flows are interrupted, having an important impact on the image of the clients or financial performance. 
Maximum 2 hours for diagnosis with an expedited solution in case of software incident.


Maximum 4 hours for diagnosis with
- Any software problem that prevents the partial or total flow of the business. Urgent

expedited solution in case of software incident.

High - Problem or error in the Software, in which the client has an alternate means to solve the problem and which does not imply the total interruption of the process.

Maximum 1 working day for diagnosis with a solution the earliest possible in case of software incident.


  • New Requests will be classified based on the criteria below. 


For New Requirements, a support contract is highly recommended. This contract will provide a bank of hours for the solution of new requirements and will provide service levels for them. Once exceeded the bank of hours, additional charges could apply according to the guidelines of the support contract.


Requests for Modification or New Functionality to the current operation of the system that must be built or modified. The needed function does not currently exist in the system but due to the dynamics of the business must be developed.
Maximum 1 working day to present a solution proposal including solution description and time estimate.


Information Requests related to the functionality of the system.
Maximum 1 working day to present a response.


Customers without a support contract may still register New Requirements. Egon Solutions will work in these cases according to resource availability to make an assessment with estimated time and cost.