Software for

  • Condominiums and

  • Gated Communities

Whether you need basic or advanced,

we've got you covered!!



Basic Operation 



Advanced Operation


Web Portal

  • Login for Residents

  • Official documents

  • Internal bulletins

  • Account balance

  • Public information 

Basic Operation 

  • Units

  • Persons

  • Services and fees

  • Charges

  • Collections



per unit monthly

(minimum 100 units)

URBAN Lite plus...

Advances Services

  • Utility services (i.e. water) 

  • Repairs & service Orders

  • Guest control

  • Access control & security

  • Space rentals

  • Reservation of facilities

  • Others

Financial Flow

  • Automatic online collection

  • Collection policies

  • Debt management

  • Daily close and reconciliation

  • Accounting

  • Audit records

Web Portal & Mobile App

  • Balance payment

  • Service request

  • Reservation of facilities


  • Equipment inventory

  • Maintenance Planning

  • Crew management

  • Communication 

  • Budgeting

  • Cost Management

  • Accounting records

  • Functions


  • Integrates with other internal and external modules

Monthly fee per unit with a volume discount

Monthly fee per unit with a volume discount



Take advantage at no cost:


  1. Initial Assessment 

  2. Demo Environment 

  3. Initial Setup 

  4. One Month of Software Service 

Get all this and

decide if you continue

with a monthly fee

See detailed at the bottom 

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Terms and Conditions for Egon Solutions Cloud Promotion

  • This is a temporary incentive for the new cloud service limited to selected applications of new customers.

  • Egon Solutions will decide the viable applicants to take the incentive and may choose to discontinue if the applicant does not meet the requirements to perform the initial implementation or to maintain its operation.

  • The applicant will not have any obligation to continue with the different components of this Incentive.

  • In case the applicant decides to continue with the service, after the first month of service the applicant will pay for services incurred based on the commercial proposal.

  • The applicant may cancel the contracted service at any time with no penalty other than the obligation to pay services received after the incentive is completed. 

  • For the applicant to have access to the software service, a secure internet connection will be required which needs to be contracted by the applicant. 

  • Under this Incentive and for applicants meeting all requirements, Egon Solutions will provide the following components of the incentive at no cost to the applicant:  

  1. Initial Assessment

  2. Demo Environment

  3. Initial Setup

  4. One Month of Software Service

  • The Initial Assessment consists of a session with the applicant to understand priorities, challenges, and objectives being pursued with a report of recommendations to address the operational priorities the applicant has.

  • The Demo Environment will include an induction session where the URBAN solution and the EgonWay philosophy will be presented.  

    • The Demo environment will be available for up to two weeks and will include sample data. 

    • Egon Solutions will support the applicant with a support communication channel where general solution and functionality questions from the applicant will be submitted during the availability of the Demo environment.  

  • Once the Demo period is completed, the client will have the option to request a commercial proposal and proceed with implementation. 

  • If the applicant accepts the commercial proposal, to proceed with Initial Setup the applicant and Egon Solutions will perform an Initial Readiness Assessment to verify that the conditions for success will be secured. Once this is confirmed, the applicant and Egon Solutions will sign the appropriate service contract for the requested services. 

  • Initial Setup includes uploading all necessary data to prepare final operational environment for applicant.

    • Egon Solutions will provide instructions for the applicant to provide initial data. Applicant must prepare data in a clean format with quality.

  • One Month of Software Service includes access for the setup environment using the URBAN Cloud Solution with the applicant data.