Facility Management

With EGON-FM you will manage your building operation and services


EGON-FM is the perfect solution for:

  • Industrial parks 

  • Office, residential, and commercial high-rise buildings

  • Commercial parks



  • Units, residents, services, rents, and fee management

  • Web portal and Mobile App for statements, documents, and online payments 

  • Collection management, scheduling, and automation

  • Service requests and workflow 

  • Access control for residents and visitors 

  • Facility management including reservations, fees, maintenance, and more

  • Utility service management (water, gas, electricity, etc.) including consumption tracking and collection

  • Maintenance management for facilities and equipment

  • Back-office solution vendors, inventory, payments and more

  • Integration with our construction cost management

  • Restaurant management, catering, events, and point of sale

  • Planning and scheduling of maintenance and service orders

  • Rent and service fees collections with account balances for users and tenants

  • Automatic accounting records and full accounting solution

Technology Features:

  • Web portal and Mobile App for services, communication, payments, and more

  • Online payments processing

  • Access anywhere from desktop to smartphone

  • Highest security standards 

  • Data extraction for analysis and integration with other solutions

  • Messaging capabilities using e-Mail, WhatsApp, and SMS